Biograd Boat Show - Marina Kornati

Šime Unić
Biograd Boat Show - Marina Kornati

Many years of holding the famous nautical fair Biograd Boat Show has certainly become a tradition.

Despite the circumstances, it is still successfully organized and maintained every year. The host of this attractive event is Biograd na Moru, more precisely, its Marina Kornati.

Biograd Boat Show is certainly one of the most popular nautical fairs among visitors, as evidenced by the fact that every year 240 exhibitors are an unavoidable part of the event.

What attracts visitors so much is not only the nautical gathering, but also the beauty of nature, the Mediterranean air and the ideal climate for living. It won't be long before you, like many before you, want to buy land in this area - if you visit the Biograd Fair only once, you can immediately go in search!

With the support of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Tourism and the nautical industry, this nautical fair has become the largest in Central Europe.

Due to good organization and guaranteed entertainment, it is also one of the golden members of the International Association of Organizers of Nautical Fairs (IFSBO).

Nautical Fair in the Crown Age

The quality and importance of the Biograd Boat Show is evidenced by the fact that this difficult, pandemic year was successfully held, despite the circumstances and situation!

In 2020, the 22nd holding of the nautical fair faced obstacles, due to which it was threatened with cancellation, as well as the vast majority of other events.

However, the love for tradition and the desire to maintain it overcame this situation and the event adapted to the conditions.

Fortunately, the very nature of the Biograd nautical spectacle is suitable - it is held outdoors, near the sea, with a breath of wind.

The adaptation required a greater physical distance, and in order to make it as easy as possible to maintain it, an extension of the duration of the fair by one day was ensured.

Although slightly less than usual, a large number of exhibitors came forward this year as well, 140 of them!

The Biograd B2B platform, responsible for business networking of the nautical sector, played a key role in 2020 and enabled all sailors and nautical enthusiasts to participate in their favorite event this year, in compliance with the prescribed measures.

nautical fair in the crown age

Accommodation and tickets

Every year, all exhibitors and visitors of the Biograd Boat Show are provided with more affordable accommodation in Ilirija hotels. All visitors have to do is book their place on time, with a deposit of 10%.

Tickets that guarantee enjoyment, good time and fun cost 40 kn, and all your four-legged friends, pets are welcome to the event!

hotel ilirija

Croatia Charter Expo

As part of the Biograd B2B event, Ilirija designed the Croatia Charter Expo, thus enabling a two-day event focused on business networking.

By connecting charter service providers from Croatia with suppliers and charter agencies, CCE highlights the importance of the charter sector for the local economy.

After registering in the Biograd B2B business directory, CCE participants can make offers and arrange business meetings.

In addition, they will receive a ticket for all days of the nautical fair!

The key assistance for charter sector programs was provided by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, while the Croatian National Tourist Board played a major role in promoting the Biograd Fair as a global charter center!

If you are a nautical lover and you spend every opportunity you have as close to the Adriatic Sea as possible, it's time for your new home to take the first row to the sea - in Biograd or nearby places, so you can enjoy this nautical sensation every year!

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