A guide to selling real estate in 6 steps

A guide to selling a real estate in Croatia

A guide to selling real estate in 6 steps

1. Sell the property at the best price as soon as possible

In order to sell your property quickly and achieve the best price, we will evaluate its value as soon as possible. Since we conduct at least twenty real estate appraisals per month, our experience gives us the knowledge to provide you with the most favourable conditions.

2. Introduce yourself in the best light

Presenting your property to potential buyers is among the most important steps in the sales process. The first impression is crucial and that is why our agents will be engaged in making the presentation of your property to customers as professional as possible. If you think that small corrections of the object are needed, do it before the presentation and we will take photos of your property in just one tour, and all the necessary materials for a successful sale.

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3. Looking for a buyer 

In order to find a suitable buyer for your property, we will advertise it not only on our website, but it will be visible on all the most famous real estate platforms. Immobilienscout24, Zoopla, Immowelt. Realestate Croatia, Realitica, GoHome, Crozilla are websites where potential buyers will be able to find your property.

4. Receiving offers

As soon as the buyer sends his offer, we inform you with the conditions, and advise you whether it is wise to accept the offer and what else can be negotiated. We also offer you to review the details of the offers yourself.

5. Acceptance of offers 

When you decide to accept the offer, we draw up a Purchase Agreement or Preliminary Agreement, and once again contact the seller and you, to check and confirm all information. When all the details from the contract have been harmonized, we agree on the date of signing and exchanging the contract, and the payment of the down payment in the amount of 10% of the agreed purchase price.

6. Your property has been sold 

Completion of the sale is the moment when the remaining 90% of the agreed purchase price of the property is paid. After you notify us of the receipt of payment, we will hand over the keys to your property to the new owner and congratulate you on your sale!