Stone houses on the Sibenik islands

For a beautiful life you need a stone house and a blue sky above it. A stone house has a number of advantages over ordinary houses. Thick stone walls, wooden floors are excellent insulators, natural materials are the most suitable for living, and the beauty of the stone and Mediterranean architecture provide incredible harmony. Numerous advantages of stone houses are attractive appearance, beautiful atmosphere, high level of sound insulation, protective function that helps to keep warm in winter and cold in summer. Most of these islands are car-free islands so owning a property  houses, apartments, flats or construction / agricultural land on them is really interesting and it really is the Mediterranean as it once was.
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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 2131
Žirje, house first row by the sea
201.00 m2 living area
269.00 m2 total area
4 rooms
4 bathrooms
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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 1810
A beautiful house with a sea view on the island of Kaprije
341.00 m2 living area
530.00 m2 total area
5 rooms
4 bathrooms