Construction / agricultural land for sale Sibenik surroundings

The city of Sibenik and its surroundings make it a geographically and culturally interesting area. The proximity of the national parks of Krka and Kornati, the town of Sibenik and other cultural and geographical attractions add value. Whether you decide to buy a property on Jadrija, Zaboric, Brodarica, Bilice or some other place in the proximity of Sibenik, you cannot go wrong. Each of these places has its own peculiarities and you can live in almost every one of them throughout the calendar year. In this area, we also have a rich offer of agricultural and construction land. In addition to these lands, our agency also offers business premises, apartments, flats, but also beautiful family houses and villas.

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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 3036
Surroundings of Sibenik, Dubrava, building plot in a quiet location
2145.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 3032
Sibenik, Bilice, large building plot in a quiet location
4051.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 3030
Sibenik, Bilice, building plot with a view of Lake Prokljan
734.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2988
Surroundings of Sibenik, large land with auxiliary facilities, investment opportunity
5200.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2954
Surroundings of Sibenik, agricultural land 36,891 m2 by the shore of Lake Prokljan
36891.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2948
Surroundings of Sibenik, Tromilja, building plot of 2000 m2
2000.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2936
Surroundings of Skradin, Velika Glava, building plot 2,700 m2
2700.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2934
Surroundings of Sibenik, Martinska - large agricultural land with a view of the city of Sibenik
67397.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2933
Surroundings of Sibenik, Brodarica - building plot of regular shape with an area of 4938 m2
4938.00 m2 total area