Real estate for sale Šibenik surroundings

Along with the town of Sibenik, there are numerous interesting places ideal for a quiet family life. Jadrija, a small village located a few kilometres from Sibenik, is a well-known old Sibenik bathing resort, located on the Srima peninsula. Zaborić is a town settlement of Sibenik, located 10 km south of Sibenik. Bilice municipality is located 3 km north of Sibenik. Dubrava kod Sibenika is a settlement within the city of Sibenik, located 7 km east of Sibenik. All these places have their own specifics and owning a property in any of these places is a great choice. In our selection, we offer: houses, apartments, flats, construction and agricultural land, business premises in all these places.  

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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 3035
Zaboric, luxurious penthouse with a roof terrace and a beautiful sea view
161.71 m2 living area
2 rooms
2 bathrooms
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 3032
Sibenik, Bilice, large building plot in a quiet location
4051.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2988
Surroundings of Sibenik, large land with auxiliary facilities, investment opportunity
5200.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2963
Brodarica, family house near the sea, renovation needed
224.00 m2 living area
930.00 m2 total area
2 rooms
1 bathrooms
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2956
Dubrava near Sibenik, family house in a quiet location
200.00 m2 living area
690.00 m2 total area
3 rooms
2 bathrooms
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2954
Surroundings of Sibenik, agricultural land 36,891 m2 by the shore of Lake Prokljan
36891.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2948
Surroundings of Sibenik, Tromilja, building plot of 2000 m2
2000.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2936
Surroundings of Skradin, Velika Glava, building plot 2,700 m2
2700.00 m2 total area
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Šibenik surroundings
Property ID: 2934
Surroundings of Sibenik, Martinska - large agricultural land with a view of the city of Sibenik
67397.00 m2 total area