Real estate for sale Tribunj

Tribunj is a small Dalmatian town, which is located in the heart of the coast of Šibenik-Knin County. This idyllic place has all the amenities you need for a quiet family life throughout the calendar year. Tribunj is also popular because of its old core, but Tribunj has many events for every taste, especially during the tourist season. The proximity of the Kornati National Park, the Krka National Park, the motorway but also the historic Šibenik will enable an active and interesting holiday and give it added value. By buying an apartment, house, or building or agricultural land, as well as business premise, you create lasting value that you can if you want to rent and thus enrich your home budget.

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Property ID: 2923
Tribunj, Sovlje, newly built house with swimming pool in a quiet location
137.00 m2 living area
576.00 m2 total area
3 rooms
3 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2919
Tribunj, Sovlje, building plot of regular shape, 903 m2
903.00 m2 total area
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Property ID: 2889
Tribunj, an attractive two bedroom apartment with a garden
110.00 m2 living area
80.00 m2 garden
2 rooms
1 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2875
Tribunj, modern house with sea view
195.16 m2 living area
250.00 m2 total area
4 rooms
4 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2809
Tribunj - guest house with 20 rooms first row to the marina
848.00 m2 living area
1128.00 m2 total area
20 rooms
23 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2798
Tribunj - stone house with office space in an excellent location
125.00 m2 living area
140.00 m2 total area
2 rooms
3 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2748
Tribunj - large building land - investment opportunity
2406.00 m2 total area
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Property ID: 2458
Tribunj - Land in the tourist zone, T1, 50m from the sea
1323.00 m2 total area
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Property ID: 2230
Building land for sale near Tribunj, Sovje
1932.00 m2 total area