Tribunj - two bedroom apartment with its own yard and large terrace

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apartment / flat
Property ID: 2699

115.000€ (865.454kn)


A two bedroom apartment with its own yard and a large terrace is for sale in Tribunj. It is located in the bay Sovlja, the western part of Tribunj, characterized by a picturesque bay that has a beautiful newly renovated beach. There is also a small shipyard in the bay, known for its traditional wooden shipbuilding. From Sovlje to the center of Tribunj, there is a promenade by the sea that passes through a beautiful landscape surrounded by pine forests. The apartment is located on the first floor and has its own separate entrance and a fenced yard on the ground floor so it is functionally a semi-detached house. There are only two apartments in the house. It is possible to park two or three cars in the yard, and there is enough space for a garden arbor or a small pool. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, kitchen and living room in one unit. Both the living room and the larger bedroom have access to a large terrace. The apartment is located in a house whose construction was prefabricated.

60.00 m2 Surface
110.00 m2 vrt
2 bedrooms
300 m distance from the sea

air conditioner

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