Houses for sale Tribunj

Tribunj is a picturesque place in Šibenik-Knin County. A small island with many stone houses is connected to a stone bridge with the mainland. Having an old stone house on an island or in the old part of Tribunj is a sure investment for the future. But the new part with modern family villas and beautiful sea view and surrounding archipelago is also indescribable. But in Tribunj, we have many other types of real estate. You cannot go wrong with any of them. If you are looking for an apartment, house, business premise or land, whether construction or agricultural, feel free to contact us so we can help you choose the property that will suit you.  

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Property ID: 3270
Tribunj, Dalmatia - semi-detached houses with swimming pool under construction
152.00 m2 living area
220.00 m2 total area
3 rooms
2 bathrooms
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Property ID: 3168
Tribunj, two apartment houses with sea view - investment opportunity
1065.00 m2 living area
1265.00 m2 total area
26 rooms
26 bathrooms
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Property ID: 3082
Tribunj, Sovlje, attractive terraced house with roof terrace
149.00 m2 living area
165.00 m2 total area
3 rooms
2 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2946
Tribunj, a spacious house with apartments and a large garden
548.00 m2 living area
1598.00 m2 total area
12 rooms
9 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2927
Tribunj, Sovlje, modern house with swimming pool in an idyllic location
218.00 m2 living area
591.00 m2 total area
4 rooms
3 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2875
Tribunj, modern house with sea view
195.16 m2 living area
250.00 m2 total area
4 rooms
4 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2809
Tribunj - guest house with 20 rooms first row to the marina
848.00 m2 living area
1128.00 m2 total area
20 rooms
23 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2798
Tribunj - stone house with office space in an excellent location
125.00 m2 living area
140.00 m2 total area
2 rooms
3 bathrooms