Houses for sale Sibenik islands

Buying a house in the popular inhabited Sibenik islands is a great choice. Zlarin, Prvic, Kaprije, Krapanj and Zirje are each story for themselves. Idyllic places for an idyllic dream home. Buying a stone house in the centre of the island is a dream come true for many. Therefore, if you have the will and desire to spend at least one unforgettable month on the island, we are free to help. Most of the islands of Sibenik have no traffic or cars. This is indeed a rarity these days and gives them an extra dose of peace. However, in addition to houses, we also offer construction land, business premises and apartments. In any case, you can’t go wrong and many of your family members and friends will surely want to visit you, especially in summer!

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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 3122
Prvic Sepurine, estate with three houses on a plot of land of 3800 m²
330.00 m2 living area
3800.00 m2 total area
8 rooms
4 bathrooms
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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 3076
Island Kaprije, a house on three floors with a beautiful sea view
180.00 m2 living area
504.00 m2 total area
6 rooms
4 bathrooms
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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 2469
Prvić Luka - Stone house in the first row to the sea
93.00 m2 living area
3 rooms
3 bathrooms
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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 2131
Žirje, house first row by the sea
201.00 m2 living area
269.00 m2 total area
4 rooms
4 bathrooms
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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 1810
A beautiful house with a sea view on the island of Kaprije
341.00 m2 living area
530.00 m2 total area
5 rooms
4 bathrooms
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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 1823
A beautiful family house on the island Prvic
130.00 m2 living area
750.00 m2 total area
3 rooms
2 bathrooms