Apartments / flats for sale Sibenik islands

Buying apartments and flats on the popular Sibenik islands is not a classic purchase because they are not classic apartments and flats in buildings. These are mostly apartments and flats in family houses. We must emphasize that there are no cars on some islands, and you can truly rest and relax on them. However, apart from apartments and flats in Zirje, Kaprije, Prvic and Krapanj, we are also free to offer you houses, business premises, as well as construction and agricultural land in the same places. In any case, buying a property on any island in the Sibenik archipelago will certainly not be a mistake. This purchase is a great investment for the future and a quality legacy for your children. 

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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 3350
Prvic Sepurine, spacious apartment with garden and sea view
114.00 m2 living area
87.00 m2 garden
2 rooms
2 bathrooms
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Šibenik islands
Property ID: 3325
Zaboric, penthouse with a beautiful view of the sea
141.80 m2 living area
3 rooms
2 bathrooms