Houses for sale Vodice

You can not go wrong with buying a house in Vodice. The house, whether an apartment or family or even a modern villa with a great view of the Vodice archipelago and the surrounding places, is an excellent investment in a secure future. Tourism as a major industry in Vodice gives these properties added value. Vodice is also the city that organizes the popular CMC Festival, which takes place every June. But if you have any other idea, we also offer you a different type of real estate: apartments, flats, but also construction and agricultural land and attractive business premises. In any case, feel free to contact us when buying to help you choose the property of your dreams. 

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Property ID: 2962
Vodice, stone house in the center of town
81.00 m2 living area
2 rooms
2 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2960
Vodice, family house with an auxiliary building in the wider city center
213.00 m2 living area
352.00 m2 total area
6 rooms
3 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2920
Vodice, apartment house in a great location
450.00 m2 living area
362.00 m2 total area
12 rooms
8 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2897
Vodice, Srima, designer villa with swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna
200.00 m2 living area
390.00 m2 total area
4 rooms
3 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2894
Vodice, exclusive villa in a quiet location
527.00 m2 living area
832.00 m2 total area
5 rooms
7 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2887
Vodice, family house with three apartments and a large parking lot
260.00 m2 living area
680.00 m2 total area
8 rooms
6 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2884
Vodice, two-story house in a quiet location
113.00 m2 living area
251.00 m2 total area
3 rooms
2 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2880
Vodice, Srima, modern house with roof terrace 200 m from the beach
155.00 m2 living area
233.00 m2 total area
3 rooms
3 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2854
Vodice - modern Dalmatian villa with pool
390.00 m2 living area
800.00 m2 total area
4 rooms
4 bathrooms