Real estate for sale Trogir

Trogir is a city with a rich cultural and historical heritage, which administratively belongs to Split-Dalmatia County. The city centre of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The truly beautiful city of Trogir is the pearl of the Adriatic. The characteristic of Trogir is that its guests come not only because of the sea and beautiful beaches, but also to get acquainted with its cultural heritage. Also, due to its proximity to Split, the residents of Trogir have the advantage of living in a small town, and on the other hand having everything within reach (from shopping centres, universities, schools and similar). In our rich offer, we also have real estate in Trogir: apartments, flats, houses, business premises, construction and agricultural land

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Property ID: 3183
Trogir, five bedroom penthouse with a spacious terrace and a unique view
185.00 m2 living area
5 rooms
5 bathrooms
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Property ID: 3154
Surroundings of Trogir, beautiful building land
1080.00 m2 total area
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Property ID: 3137
Trogir, unique Villa Biancomar!
230.00 m2 living area
920.00 m2 total area
4 rooms
4 bathrooms
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Property ID: 3125
Surroundings of Trogir, villa first row to the sea
250.00 m2 living area
490.00 m2 total area
5 rooms
3 bathrooms
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Property ID: 3088
Trogir, luxury villa within the resort, first row to the sea
400.00 m2 living area
5 rooms
6 bathrooms
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Property ID: 3012
Trogir, large apartment on the first floor of a family house
111.58 m2 living area
51.87 m2 garden
3 rooms
2 bathrooms
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Property ID: 3011
Slatine, island Ciovo, land in T1 zone, first row to the sea
1695.00 m2 total area
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Property ID: 2974
Surroundings of Trogir, Sevid, house second row from the sea with an enchanting view
94.00 m2 living area
166.00 m2 total area
2 rooms
1 bathrooms
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Property ID: 2973
Surroundings of Trogir, Sevid, romantic stone house by the sea
100.00 m2 living area
344.00 m2 total area
3 rooms
1 bathrooms