Croatia – From Classic to Full of Life

Šime Unić
Croatia – From Classic to Full of Life

In advertising, a slogan is a tagline in promoting products, goods, or services on the market. Slogans have great importance in the field of tourism, representing entire regions or countries; it’s usually a short, catchy phrase designed to represent a destination in a favorable manner, emphasizing on its qualities.In October 2015 the Croatian Minister of Tourism, Darko Lorencin, and Head of the Croatian Tourist Association, Ratomir Ivičić, unveiled the country’s new slogan: Croatia, Full of Life. Tourism is a very important field in this Eastern European country, and with western tourists slowly getting tired of worn-off destinations like Paris of London, Croatia offers them a whole new Europe.

Although the majority of Croatian tourists come from Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, West Europe’s craze for Croatia opens up exciting possibilities and a whole new market: the previous taglines were used in adverts on renowned TV stations such as the BBC, CNC or Eurosport. Portraying Croatia as a place to enjoy a classic sunbathing holiday, its pebble beaches and the clean Adriatic Sea, they were moderately successful, and the number of tourists visiting the country is rising each year. However, time has come for a change: a new slogan was devised; one which would meet the expectations of modern tourism.The new tagline is already in use in Croatian tourist promotion. A brainchild of several successful marketing firms, BBDO (from Croatia), AMV BBDO (from the UK), and DEC BBDO (from Spain), the slogan was chosen for its simplicity and flexibility. The goal of introducing the country to the Western audience is seen in the choice of marketing agencies which worked on the project, as two of three are from Western Europe. Even the first official presentation was held in London, on a boat on the river Thames, with a grand presentation for leading members of the UK media.

Mr Lorencin told the press at the official introduction of the slogan that the Ministry liked its uniqueness: according to Lorencin, the keyword “life” does not appear often in various tourist taglines of other countries. The slogan was partly chosen due to its translatability, as it was assessed that it would successfully communicate on various markets and communication channels.The phrase ‘full of life’ should emphasize the best of Croatia: its beautiful nature, plenty of cultural and historical sites, exciting nightlife and rich gastronomy. Some of the country’s previous slogans included “When Heart Says Summer, It says Croatia”, “Croatia, Heaven on Earth”, “So Beautiful, So Close” (specifically aimed at Croatia’s neighbors with success), and “The Mediterranean As It Once Was”.Only time will tell whether the new slogan be as successful as its predecessors, but judging from the positive reactions of the Croatian public and the online community on tourism-related websites and social network groups, “Croatia, Full of Life” has come to stay. Capturing the essence of what the country has to offer, it’s already putting Croatia on the map of top-notch tourist destinations.

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