Farmland next to the sea - everything you need to know

Šime Unić
Farmland next to the sea - everything you need to know

Farmlands located right next to the sea have become a huge hit over the last few years. More and more people are looking for a way to take a break from their hectic everyday life, so they want places that bring peace and an opportunity to relax in nature.

A small house, pristine nature and a fantastic view of the sea are a combination that’s really hard to resist. Therefore, it’s not a big surprise that rural tourism is on the rise and that the number of people who decide for this type of vacation is growing by the year.

The options a good piece of farmland provides, no matter if it’s located in Dalmatia, Istria or Kvarner, are numerous. Apart from the aforementioned house, places like these are ideal if you want to set up a camp, a bar or a restaurant, build a vacation home or even a winery.

In fact, locations like this are perfect if you want to enjoy the traditional dishes of our coast, especially if they allow you to cultivate olives and/or grapes. Homemade olive oil and wine elevate every dish to a whole new level and leave an incredibly positive impression on every guest.

No matter if you want some peace and quiet, if you’re planning to share the experience with your friend, or if you want to start a business, the advantages of owning some farmland are huge. But how to choose the right piece of property? Here are a few tips.

How to correctly choose your piece of farmland next to the sea?

Finding the location that will meet all your demands and fulfil all your wishes should be approached very studiously. It’s very important to define the type of farmland you want to buy and whether or not you want to build anything on it. You cannot build guesthouses or apartment buildings on farmland in Croatia.

Furthermore, you need to decide on the type of location you want. Some people may prefer a place that is completely isolated and far away from prying eyes, whereas others may want to have a small piece of farmland close to a town or a village.

farmland next to the sea

How exactly do you find farmland for sale?

If you know a person who is selling the type of real estate you’re looking for, it’s all pretty straightforward and you just have to contact them if you’re interested. However, in most cases, you need to expand your search.

You can do that in two different ways: you can go through adds yourself or you can hire a real estate agency.

At first, it may seem that doing things yourself is an easier and more affordable solution, but hiring a professional agency has some huge benefits. This will make the whole process a lot faster and easier

In addition, there are some other things worth considering.

Agents are usually experienced professionals, and with them, you can have a serious conversation about the pluses and the minuses each piece of land has. This kind of advice can be immensely important if you don’t have much experience in this kind of thing yourself. For example, agents can list out all the infrastructure your plot of land has.

The agency can also negotiate on your behalf and help you with all the necessary paperwork and legal procedures. This includes transferring ownership rights, utilities, public notaries, lawyers and purchase agreements.

You have to admit that the thought of going through all that paperwork by yourself is not a particularly pleasant one. Hiring an agency can therefore save you quite a lot of time, diminish stress and ultimately help you make a better decision.

Buying some farmland next to the sea? Check out our top choices!

There are plenty of plots for sale all over Croatia, but some of them still stand out thanks to their exquisite location and amazing surroundings. Here are some of the most attractive pieces of farmland you can currently purchase.

The island of Brač, exclusive sale of a plot right next to the sea

With the area of 127 314 m2, this land belongs to the Nerežišća municipality on the southern side of Brač. It is very well connected to the rest of the island because a new road has recently been built. 

But what makes this place so perfect is the view of the sea and the neighbouring island of Hvar because the plot is located on a side of a hill. Right next to it is a beautiful beach where you can relax whenever you want.

The location guarantees peace and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in nature, but only 10km away is Bol and its famous beach Zlatni rat.

The municipality’s zoning plan states that animal husbandry and agricultural objects, as well as residential objects that fulfil that function, can be built here. All papers related to this farmland are in order.

the island of brac - exclusive sale of a plot right next to the sea

An attractive piece of farmland on the seafront

If you’re looking or a plot of land that you can entirely shape according to your wishes, without worrying about whether or not the neighbors will complaiIf you’re looking or a plot of land that you can entirely shape according to your wishes, without worrying about whether or not the neighbors will complain about the noise, or just want a bit of peace and quiet, this piece of farmland is for you! It’s located right next to the seafront on the east side of the island of Muter which is mainly unoccupied. And when we say that it’s right next to the sea, we mean it – there’s only a 10-meter distance!

Just imagine – no houses to obscure your view, and you have your own little corner of paradise to yourself. And if 9240,00 m2 of this plot of land isn’t enough for you, there’s the possibility of buying some of the surrounding plots as well.

Also, you wouldn’t be starting from scratch here since olive trees have already been planted here, covering two beautiful cascades. To make the view even more thrilling, the land inclines gently towards the sea, and right next to it is a charming wooden pergola just waiting to be covered in some kind of vine. The choice is all yours; maybe grapevine to go with the olive trees?

An attractive piece of farmland on the seafront

Kaprije Island, a seaside plot with an old stone house

This small piece of land right next to the sea spans over an area of 1548 m2, but it comes with a lovely little stone house, too. The house is 25m2 big and has a 10m2 dry stone cottage next to it.

That, in combination with the location on Kaprije Island in the Šibenik archipelago, makes this place ideal for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and the bustle and relax.

There are no settlements in the vicinity, and the property is in a lovely little sandy cove and with perfectly clear sea.

In short, everything you need for an ideal vacation is right here.

kaprije island, a seaside plot with an old stone house

An olive orchard near Tribunj

This restored olive orchard halfway between Tisno and Tribunj (or Vodice) is just one of many olive orchards in this area and provides a fantastic view of the lush green valley below.

Along with 20 old trees, the orchard contains about 60 young olive trees which were planted just a few years ago.

Stone walls mark the limits of the plot and give it an authentic Dalmatian note, and the pine forest at the top of the property further emphasizes the greenery surrounding this place.

The sea is just a mile away, and 6900 m2 is more than enough space to enjoy a wonderful day out in nature.

an olive orchard near tribunj

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