Luxury interior design

Šime Unić
Luxury interior design

So you’ve bought a new house or an apartment and now you want to renovate its interior? You want to do so in a luxurious style that will mesmerize your guests and show them your personality? Sounds easy, but it can also be fairly challenging.

Interior design means paying attention to numerous details that have to complement each other in order to create a harmonious space that oozes luxury. If you have a big piece of real estate, those details can be found around every corner, and if your exterior is luxurious too, you won’t want to disappoint your guests once they come in.

Above all, however, you need to have a clear idea of what to do with your interior and which style you’re going for. And if you need some inspiration, we have some interesting ideas here that could help you out.

Natural light

One of the most important resources you can use when designing your interior in a luxurious way is natural light. If your property has big glass windows or even walls, you will want to emphasize that with bright colours. That will give the impression of spaciousness.

Be careful not to overdo it, though - you can break the monotony with some darker detail. Kitchen worktops, tables, chairs and things like that will fit in perfectly in a light interior if they stand out thanks to their darker colour. This wonderful house near Šibenik is an excellent example of tasteful but luxurious interior design.

The rooms in which there is a lot of natural light also shouldn’t be cluttered with furniture and decorative details. Think like a minimalist in cases like this because less is often more here.

A few books on your shelves and a vase or two will make the space seem interesting without cluttering it. Furthermore, a shelf like this is best placed in a spot that would otherwise remain empty.

Natural light


Projects like this need to be carefully planned because, as already mentioned, there is a lot to consider. However, when it comes to planning, two rooms stand out in any home and should therefore receive extra attention - the living room and the bedroom.

In the living room, it is important to make sure the elements are placed in a functional way but also in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Start with bigger things like sofas and spread them out proportionally across the room.

Things like chairs and sofas should be placed so that they entice interaction with everyone else in the room. Do not try to save money on this - buy large, pricier pieces of furniture because the quality they have will be clearly visible and the whole space will have a much better feel to it.

A good idea is to also focus on a unique part of the living room and try to emphasize it. For example, you can try and decorate your fireplace or you can leave your glass walls completely bare so that anyone who comes in enjoys all that natural light.

Bedrooms, on the other hand, are very much influenced by the materials you use there. Right textures can help you show how warm and comfortable this room is. A nice rug, velvet pillows and gentle blankets can completely change how the room is perceived. A tall headboard on your bed won’t take up a lot of room but will look very luxurious.

Good organization is important in the bedroom, too. The place has to be airy and allow easy movement, so it’s good to use only a few (quality) furniture pieces to design it.

planning interior design


Metal details, such as things made of gold, silver, brass or even copper, can have a major impact on how your interior looks, especially if you combine them with soft materials like velvet or silk. That way, you will get a unique contrast that’s bout to attract attention.

Elements made of marble or onyx are luxurious in and of themselves, but things like these are best used as the focal points of the space in which they are placed. Pay special attention to the light that’s coming to them and the textures that surround them to create a unique place in the room that will always stand out. A single detail like that is enough to bring everything to a more luxurious level.

Pieces of art can also have a major role in luxury interior design, but they should be the cherry that comes on top. Again, it’s better to invest in one more expensive piece than scatter less valuable pieces all over the house/apartment. Should you still opt for multiple paintings or sculptures, consider dedicating one whole wall to them, a wall that will thus be able to tell your guests something about you.

Interior details

Every property can be luxurious

Luxury interior design can be applied to any piece of real estate, no matter if we’re talking about a small apartment in the city centre, a vacation home on the coast or a house in the countryside. The most important thing is that you know what you want and then plan accordingly.

And if you’re aiming to buy a property in Dalmatia, check out the offer Terra Dalmatica has in store for you and you will find plenty of excellent candidates for a luxury renovation, but also some properties that were built with luxury in mind. For any info on any of them, feel free to contact us!

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