Penthouse - a symbol of luxury

Šime Unić
Penthouse - a symbol of luxury

Surely you’ve come across an article about a luxury penthouse at least once while going through your newspapers or your favourite news website. Usually, this kind of property belongs to celebrities and is quite luxurious inside, so being able to peer inside usually means you get to enjoy some incredible interior design. Because of all that, owning a penthouse is a matter of prestige.

If this type of real estate interests you, you’ve come to the right article. In the rest of it, we take a look at the basic features of a penthouse and show you some exquisite examples. But, let’s take things from the top.

What is a penthouse?

A penthouse is a housing unit that is located at the very top of a building. As mentioned, it features many luxurious details, and considering that it has walls that are separate from those of the building on which it is built, a penthouse sometimes resembles a small house on a building’s roof.

Apart from that, a penthouse will usually come with a terrace that has things like pools, gardens, even basketball courts. Everything is designed to provide enjoyment to the tenants, and a penthouse will usually provide you with a spectacular view, especially if it’s on top of a skyscraper.


Penthouse interior

A luxurious penthouse will be a property whose every detail receives a lot of attention when planning the interior, and often you will find appliances and gadgets that are quite rare in “standard” flats. Marble details, designer lamps and other similar things are likely to be found here.

Also, this type of property usually has large glass surfaces on its walls in order to make the most of the position and allow as much natural light into the room as possible. Naturally, this allows you to enjoy the view, too.

But don’t think that just because it’s at the top of a building a penthouse has to be small. Quite the contrary, some specimens can be huge, spanning across two or more storeys and containing several bedrooms and bathrooms.

Still, we can say every penthouse is special because its interior design will very much depend on the city and the location that surrounds it. Owners of these properties often want their penthouses to reflect their personality, so the architects have a demanding task if they accept to head the renovation project.

Penthouse interior

Best examples of a penthouse

Theory doesn’t mean much if we can’t provide you with a few examples to vividly illustrate all the luxury a penthouse can have. For that, it’s best to head to New York and check out the penthouse that belongs to the legendary Rolling Stone Keith Richards.

This piece of real estate comes with three terraces, and the predominantly white surfaces go perfectly with the large amount of natural light that enters the place and perfectly complements the wooden part inside. And when we say that the asking price for this is 12 million dollars, you will immediately see why places like this are owned by someone quite illustrious.

Pharell’s penthouse on Miami Beach is another great example of the luxury you can see in this kind of apartment. With a 30-feet dome on the top, you can get a 360 degrees view of the rest of the city and the Atlantic Ocean, and the rest of the property has its own movie theatre, five bedrooms and seven bathrooms spread across 9000 square feet. Oh, and teak wood covers the floor. No wonder the price here was also above 12 million dollars.

Last but not least, a penthouse belonging to Jennifer Lopez. This wonderful property is also located in New York and costs a whopping 21 million dollars. There is plenty of natural light, and the four outside terraces of about 3000 square feet in total provide the perfect view of the Big Apple. Four bedrooms and six bathrooms sound very impressive, and the white walls and oak floors emphasize the spaciousness this penthouse has.

Penthouse view in New York

Potential drawbacks of a penthouse

Although all of this sounds pretty perfect for now, we need to be fair and admit that penthouses aren’t perfect and certainly have their drawbacks you as a buyer should be aware of. Of course, the price tag will probably be the main obstacle for most of us, and the same amount will probably get you a huge house in a great location. But, as we have said, penthouses are status symbols.

But apart from the price, you should also consider maintenance. A penthouse will come with terraces you need to take care of, especially if you place some furniture there, and large glass surfaces will require constant care. There is also some potential for heating problems given that the property is usually exposed at the top of a high building, plus things may not exactly be soundproof. Pay attention to all of these things when in the market for a penthouse.

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