Rebranding after 15 years of successful business

Šime Unić
Rebranding after 15 years of successful business

This year, our agency is celebrating a significant anniversary. Fifteen successful years of operation on the real estate market in Croatia, and a series of concluded sales cooperation and satisfied clients, set us a new and different task. The task of investing in ourselves. 

That is why we decided to invest, which is a kind of our new start, and turning a new page in our business. We hope for an even more successful one, or at least an equally successful.

Excellent business results are binding. First of all, they oblige us to be constantly competitive on the market in real estate brokerage, where we are among the most well-known real estate agencies in Croatia. We believe that investing in your company today is inevitable and a necessity, but also a pledge for a successful business future. This is recognized by all successful business people and we like to be among them.

We are pleased that in the past 15 years we have strengthened our excellent position in the real estate market, and that our business has been recognized by many clients from Croatia and abroad.

We believe it will continue to be so.

Rebranding for a better user experience

At the end of last year, we decided to rebrand. We believe that, in addition to improvements in the visual and functional part, it will also enable us better positions on the Internet, and ultimately more satisfied customers.

We consider the promotion and business of our real estate agency Terra Dalmatica, via the Internet, and the constant investment in online promotion, from which our clients also indirectly benefit, to be the most important channel at the moment.

We decided to redesign our website and logo because we follow trends and strive to keep up with the latest market demands. In addition, the existing site took up a lot of our valuable time updating the content and simply no longer met our needs. But neither does the user experience of our potential clients, which we care deeply about. Because, what is more important than a satisfied customer?

Three languages, virtual walks and promotional videos in one place

Our new website now offers you a number of improved elements - primarily those related to functionality. We've made sure you get all the information you need quickly and in just three steps. We have made it easier to search for real estate, much better photos of real estate, and the possibility of your registration as a user. We also offer real estate descriptions in three languages, all in one place.

What is a special novelty are virtual walks, which have become extremely important, especially due to limited movement and travel due to coronavirus.

Through virtual walks you now have the opportunity to communicate live with our agents while touring the property together. We create virtual walks using advanced 360 cameras or a camera, depending on the wishes of our clients. We also offer delivery of "walks" in the form of 360 videos that are ready for YouTube broadcast.

In addition, we will be happy to provide you with:

• real estate photography (interior, exterior, aerial, night photography)

• recording real estate promotional videos

• professional model and make up artist

Seriousness in the approach to business remains our goal

Secure purchase, the best price, and carefreeness in the process of buying or selling real estate, from the time they enter our office to the final signing of the contract, are the three most important values we provide to our clients.

And after that, we remain available to clients, because we believe that maintaining contact with customers and building relationships of trust is important for building a business image, but also human value that has no price.

With rebranding, these peculiarities of our business have not changed. Moreover, they have become even more important to us. Our goal is still the same: focusing exclusively on real estate brokerage in which we want to be the best and develop.

We like to say that we differ from other, similar companies from our niche in that we have seriousness in our approach to business. Terra Dalmatica agency offers you carefree and secure cooperation in the purchase and sale of real estate. You will experience this if you contact us.

We are at your disposal for any question related to the purchase or sale of real estate. Call us, send us an inquiry via email, or simply make an appointment at our office.

We will be happy to help you and start a new successful business story!

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