Regions in Croatia

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Regions in Croatia

Croatia was once a part of Yugoslavia and when the federation disintegrated in the early 1990’s, the country suffered considerably.  Finally, in 2013, Croatia joined the European Union

Croatia consists of several parts - regions - to which it owes its beauty and popularity among tourists. 

Although the regions have many things in common, they’re all unique and have characteristics different from others. Slavonia is located in the northeast of Croatia, Istria is on the northern Adriatic and is the biggest Croatian peninsula, while Dalmatia occupies the coastal belt. Kvarner is connected with the eastern side of Istria, and, finally, the Mainland is located in the northern part of Croatia. 

The toughest decision when you’re travelling to Croatia is what region or regions to visit. So, before you make your final decision, read a little bit about every region to see what they have to offer and which region is the perfect one for you! The regions were ruled by different powers throughout history, but they kept Latin alphabet, Roman law, as well as the economic, cultural and political tradition of western Europe.

The Mainland

As it is home to the capital city, Zagreb, the Mainland is a very popular region among tourists. So, if you’re thinking about visiting it, your number one destination should be Zagreb! 

With so much to offer, from history and culture to cafes, restaurants and stores, it is a unique combination of traditional and modern. The final result can be seen as you take a walk around the city - different people from different parts of the world come together in Zagreb, as everyone can easily find something for themselves.  The event that celebrated the city even more is Advent, a magical winter festival! 

Despite the fact that the capital city is located in this region, the Mainland has so many other places, cities and villages you shouldn’t skip. 
If you’re a fan of architecture, make sure you take a trip to Varaždin to admire its Baroque style buildings. On the other hand, for those who came to Croatia to have some fun, visit Karlovac, a city known for one of the most popular Croatian beers! 

Zagreb Mainland Croatia


Slavonia, the centre of the Croatian wine industry, gastronomy and Tambura music, is the most underrated region in Croatia. Here, visitors of all kinds can take a tour of wine tasting around Kutjevo to have some fun and to see what this region is all about. 

Slavonia is also a host to the Autumn festival in Vinkovci, where you can enjoy traditional Slavonian drinks, food and music! Apart from the Festival, traditional Slavonian food can easily be found in any other city. You’ll be surprised when you see how unique and tasty the dishes are, especially fish stew, the most interesting dish of all! 

Wine of Slavonia


Kvarner, a coastal region in Croatia, is famous for two cities - Rijeka and Opatija. Rijeka is known for having a unique culture and atmosphere like nowhere else in Croatia. It is also a large port town and was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2020! 

The other city, Opatija, is the birthplace of tourism in Croatia. The city has maintained a tourist tradition and today it attracts visitors from all around the globe, which makes Kvarner region perfect for holidays and vacation!


The most popular tourist destination in Croatia is Istria! Istria is a perfect opportunity for you to witness an unusual combination of history, culture and adventure by visiting its beautiful villages and towns.

Pula Arena

The most recognizable feature is probably the Roman amphitheatre, located in Pula and one of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world! Even though Istria has great historical significance in Croatia, it offers so much more than that. 
As it is a place of origin of the best Croatian wines and traditional dishes, such as fuži with truffles or maneštra, Istria is the best place to go on a gastronomic tour combined with wine tasting.


Last but not least - Dalmatia. Although Istria is the most visited region, Dalmatia is the most famous and fastest growing one! Living in Split or Dubrovnik, two centres of Dalmatia, is special in so many ways. 

Dubrovnik has become the most popular Croatian city in recent years, especially after UNESCO put the city walls on its world heritage list. In addition to historical sights, Dubrovnik has the most beautiful beaches and aesthetic wonders in this area!
On the other hand, Split is best known for Diocletian’s palace and offers a different Dalmatian experience than Dubrovnik.

Split Croatia

It’s time to choose, the regions are waiting! 

We can guarantee one thing - wherever you decide to go, you won’t be disappointed. 
Think about what your expectations and wishes are and find them in the Mainland, Istria, Slavonia, Kvarner, or Dalmatia!

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