The best restaurants in Zadar

Šime Unić
The best restaurants in Zadar

Wherever you travel, your wish list will surely include tasting local cuisine, the one that will forever bind you to the place you visited.

If you are wondering where it could be, take a tour of the best restaurants in Zadar, which will set the bar of expectations for each restaurant in the future very high!

Although small, Zadar offers a rich content of sights, restaurants, beaches and the most beautiful homes that await you, without which "it would not be that"!

Old Bridge

Not far from Zadar, in the small town of Bibinje, is the restaurant Stari most. With a capacity of up to 320 people, in this restaurant, in addition to being treated to delicious delicacies, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of Zadar and its islands.

If you are looking for the perfect place for a wedding, communion or banquet, you don’t have to look any further.

The old bridge offers you a variety, from cold appetizers, through pasta and risotto, to meat dishes and house specialties - kebabs and burgers.

For the best experience and the fullest possible experience, treat yourself to meat platters that will make your whole palate dance and that will awaken every taste bud you have!

For those who want a homely atmosphere, the Old Bridge has prepared fresh fish dishes that will surely make you feel at home.

stari most

Mamma Mia

Located just a few minutes drive from the center of Zadar, this family restaurant is a must visit. In the comfort of Mamma mie you will have the opportunity to experience modern European cuisine, but also try local specialties.

Whether you want to enjoy the fresh spring or summer atmosphere on the terrace or, in winter, warm up and eat well in the warm interior of the restaurant, in this restaurant you will definitely satisfy your senses.

For romantic dinners for two or for happy birthday and baptism celebrations, Mamma mia will welcome you with the friendliest staff and accompany your gourmet experience with the most suitable selection of wine or homemade beer.

Pizzas, pastas, risottos or the most delicious desserts are waiting for you - enjoy!

Restaurant Niko

If your picture of an ideal trip to a restaurant implies that "like at home" feeling, the Niko restaurant will leave you speechless.

Here the cheerful hosts are guided by a simple thought - don’t save guests what they wouldn’t eat themselves.

The menu they devised is primarily based on irresistible fish dishes, with a high probability that, once you taste it, you will come back here again.

If the very thought of shrimp, shrimp or fish excites your taste buds, the Niko restaurant is the right place for you.

Sit back comfortably with an evening often accompanied by live klapa song!

restoran niko

Pizzeria Šime

Pizza lovers, Zadar will not leave you indifferent. If you come across any local resident and ask him where to go for pizza, everyone will answer you the same - Šime on Borik!

This restaurant bases its long tradition on a long list of the finest pizzas, pastas, but also traditional Dalmatian dishes.

With a family ambience, always friendly staff and affordable prices, the Šime restaurant is an unavoidable place for everyone who finds themselves in Zadar, and it is not surprising that, especially in summer, it is always full to the last seat!

Kod Stipe

For all of you who appreciate traditional ways of preparing meals, cooking with love and, of course, baked dishes, the Kod Stipe restaurant should definitely be at the top of your list.

Here, in addition to the warm atmosphere, you will enjoy the fullest flavors of veal, lamb, octopus or something on a spoon, like beans. Leaving this restaurant, you will come out with a big smile on your face and a full stomach!


The faithful line-up that has taken over the Dalmatian lifestyle will welcome you in the first row to the sea in the Bruschetta restaurant. In this unforgettable Zadar experience you will feel a touch of true tradition and unforgettable tastes.

Bruschetta is the ideal place for any occasion, from a romantic dinner for two to gala dinners! In addition to a menu that will satisfy every guest, from pasta and salads to traditional fish dishes, they will treat you to all your other senses.

The atmosphere, position, soothing colors and wide range of flavors will leave a lasting impression in your memory!

All you have to do is go in search of a new place to escape from reality and get there as soon as possible. Specialties are waiting!


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