The Sibenik cod fish recipe

Šime Unić
Recept za šibensku ribu bakalara

How did the fish from cold north become a trademark of the entire European southern cuisines? Blame the Venetian merchants shipwreck at Lofoten. Pietro Querini discovered bakalar (cod fish) and brought it to Venice and Dalmatians .The cod fish stew (Šibenik way):Soaked cod (soak cod as usual 2-3 days before cooking with regular changes of water) cook in boiled water with unpeeled garlic cloves for about 30 minutes, because with prolonged cooking it becomes tougher. Clean the skin and cartilage, break out the cod with your hands into pieces and put them aside. In a wide pot put olive oil, freshly cut garlic, add cod and potatoes (amount depends) cut into slices, pour the strained cooking water, add 5-6 pieces of dried figs (or a large spoon of honey), pepper, salt, (you can add a handful or two of macaroni – penne rigate), tomato puree cover with a lid and boil. At the end, when potatoes become tender, add 1 decilitre of sherry whine (prosheko) and cook uncovered, so that excess liquid evaporates.

Serve and eat when it cools a bit, if desired sprinkle with parsley from the garden (dalmatinski vrtal).

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