Trogir - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Šime Unić
Trogir - UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you’re looking for an absolutely magical town in which to buy real estate, you will really have a hard time finding a better destination than Trogir. The whole historic core of this beautiful little town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which speaks volumes of its beauty and value.

However, if you need a bit of info on what makes Trogir so special and why it really pays to go looking for real estate here, you’ve come to the right place. The following few paragraphs will introduce you to all the most important facts about this town so that you know exactly what kind of location we’re talking about. You’re going to love this place!

Old town in Trogir

The historic city of Trogir

Trogir’s historic core dates back to the fourth century BC when the town was first founded by ancient Greeks, so if you’re wondering what to see in Dalmatia, this is certainly a great choice. The fact that the Greeks are the town’s founders is important because the subsequent phases of the town’s development all stuck to that original layout. The Romans played a big part in this, and the two main streets, cardo and decumanus, remain in use to this very day. 

However, it was under Venetian rule that the city really flourished, and many exquisite examples of Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque examples still remain intact. In fact, Trogir is one of the best-preserved towns from these periods in the whole of Europe!

All of this means that the town is a “remarkable example of urban continuity”, as UNESCO puts it, serving as people’s home for well over two thousand years. And the fact that each period has left its mark on the town means that walking these old cobbled streets will be like architecture and art textbooks have come alive all around you.

The main sights in Trogir

When you decide to go sightseeing, you will definitely want to check out the main sights first. There are some breathtaking examples of architecture all over the town’s historic core. Therefore, you’d do well to inform yourself about them because that way you will be able to appreciate them more and focus on the most important parts.

Here’s a short list of must-see sights in Trogir:

  • Trogir cathedral: an edifice that took more than 300 years to complete. The Romanesque door by Master Radovan from the mid-13th century is absolutely amazing, and you should definitely climb the bell tower to get a great view of Trogir.
  • Ćipiko Palace: this palace was the home of the illustrious Ćipiko family and was created by some of the most famous architects of the time. It is actually a fusion of two separate palaces with many intricate details.
  • The clock tower: one of the symbols of this town, the tower stands on the town’s main square, and next to it is the famous Loggia. A perfect place for an amazing drink.
  • Kamerlengo Castle: what was once the governor’s palace built by the Venetians is today an exceptional place for concerts and other cultural events. Next to it is St. Mark’s Tower, another impressive part of the town’s defences from the Renaissance period.

Kamerlengo fortress

Other important things to see include the city gates, the Benedictine monastery, and the church of St. Peter, but you can be sure you will find many other things worth your time. Indeed, every time to go for a walk here, you’ll be in for an amazing experience.

Life in Trogir

So what is life in Trogir like? Well, this is an excellent example of a small Mediterranean town where you can just relax and take it easy. The summers are hot, and the winters are quite mild, although it can get fairly chilly, but snow is extremely rare.

It should be noted that Trogir is a big magnet for tourists, not just because of the sights but because of the fact that there are plenty of amazing beaches nearby. On top of that, you can always hop on over to one of the neighbouring islands, and the Blue Lagoon on Drvenik Veli is absolutely amazing.

Speaking of islands, Trogir is inextricably linked to the island of Čiovo, which is right there in front of the town. The two are connected via bridges, and plenty of people from this part of Croatia have vacation homes here, so if you’re looking for a piece of real estate you will primarily use for summer vacation, this is an excellent location.

However, there are many more advantages to living or buying real estate in Trogir.

Trogir promenade

Trogir and Split

If you take a look at a map of this part of the country, you will see that Trogir is quite close to Split, the second-largest city in Croatia. In fact, Split’s airport is closer to Trogir than it is to Split itself! Essentially, you’re there as soon as you get off the plane. Furthermore, the two towns are also connected by regular bus lines, and you can make the trip by car in less than 30 minutes.

Therefore, while Trogir has all the charm of a small Mediterranean town (it has about 11,000 people), living here doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of the advantages of living in a big city. You just hop over to Split for the day and then come back to your Trogir home to enjoy a much more peaceful environment.

Čiovo island

That being said, if you can’t find the real estate you’re looking for in Trogir, it may be worth it to check out real estate in Split or just outside of the city. That way, you can still enjoy this amazing part of the Croatian coast to the fullest.

In the end, we can only tell you that Trogir is a wonderful place to live. It’s everything you could want from a Mediterranean destination and more, and Split’s vicinity cancels out all the downsides life in a small town can have. So, if you choose to buy real estate here, you can be absolutely sure you won’t regret it.

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