A house on an island - because you deserve a dream vacation!

Šime Unić
A house on an island - because you deserve a dream vacation!

If you’re looking for your slice of heaven where you will be able to enjoy yourself without any disruptions, the Croatian coast is where you want to start your search. Islands large and small, magical coves, peninsulas… because of how indented this coast is, you will find plenty of ideal places with all kinds of houses there, and each of them is exactly what you need for a perfect vacation. 

This really is the very best the Mediterranean can offer, but it also means that you have a serious challenge ahead - how do you choose the right place for your vacation home or maybe even for living on an island?  Fortunately, we’re right by your side and are about to show you everything you need to make the right decision. So, let’s get going! 

Living on an island

Croatian islands offer numerous advantages when it comes to living there. Most importantly, you can choose between loads of picturesque places in which to settle down, places that are full of old stone houses, and brimming with charm.

These places also offer peace and serenity you simply cannot find or buy in large cities, and the people in these small communities are exceptionally friendly and always ready to help each other. So, you really don’t have to worry about your neighbors.

It also needs to be mentioned that some of these islands have been populated since antiquity, so the people living there can enjoy some incredible cultural heritage, not to mention the amazing food that simply makes your mouth water.

Living on an island

Which Croatian island is the best for living there?

Now, this is a very good question because, due to the nature of the Croatian coast, you have a huge number of options in front of you.  To help you decide, you need to be honest with yourself when it comes to your wishes - are you prepared to, for example, sacrifice some connections to the mainland to enjoy a more pristine environment?  Do you want to live in a town that is a hit among tourists and has plenty of facilities or on a more secluded island?  

We recommend you take a look at our article called “Vacation homes by the sea - yes or no?” for more info on how to approach this issue.  Also, you’d do well to research the island that has sparked your interest the most so that you know exactly what to expect and whether or not that island can meet your most important criteria.  However, we can give you some more specific advice than this.  

Should you buy a house on a large or a small island?

Croatian islands are very diverse, but there is a clear distinction between smaller and larger ones when it comes to the infrastructure and their connections to the mainland. Depending on what you’re interested in, this distinction should be kept in mind.

Larger islands are usually much better connected and offer more stores, better medical facilities, and schools. If you want to buy a house near the sea in which you will be living most of the year, islands like this are the best solution. Brač, especially the town of Supetar there, Hvar and Ugljan are a few excellent examples.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a vacation home near the sea or a secluded house, you should focus your search on smaller islands. Less people means more space and more opportunities to find the perfect place, especially if you’re looking for an old stone house for sale on some of these islands. 

Should you buy a house on a large or a small island?

Islands without cars - an oasis of peace

But if you truly want to enjoy peace and quiet, islands where cars are not allowed can bring you all that and much more. These small places are ideal for enjoying nature and recharging your batteries, real oases in which you can take a break from hectic everyday life.

Best of all, you can find them all over the Adriatic.  Unije, for example, is near Lošinj, Silba belongs to the Zadar archipelago, Prvic to the Sibenik archipelago, whereas Kolocep and Lopud are a part of the Elaphites, a small cluster of islands near Dubrovnik. 

Buying a house on an island? Check out our selection of the best properties!

If your dream is a house by the sea with a view of the beach, we have a few excellent suggestions you should seriously consider.

These are some of the most attractive houses on the Croatian coast currently available on the market:

New villa on the market, ideal for two families

Zlarin is one of the islands without cars we discussed earlier, and this wonderful new villa on the market is ideal if you want to enjoy everything this lovely island has to offer.

The location is amazing because the house is on a small hill but still just a few meters from the sea. That means you can expect a spectacular view from a roofed terrace.

The house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms spread out over two storeys, while its wonderful kitchen is completely surrounded by glass. Enjoy!

New villa on the market, ideal for two families, Zlarin

Žirje, house first row by the sea

This house on Žirje is located in a beautiful cove, right next to the sea, and its huge terrace can be used in a variety of ways.

The ground floor contains the kitchen and the dining room which for one big area, but the house also has four bedrooms and bathrooms divided across the basement, ground floor, and the first floor.

On top of that, you have plenty of beaches nearby, the location is surrounded by pine forest and there are even a few great diving and snorkeling spots. True seaside heaven!!  

And to top everything off, you are very close to the majestic Kornati National Park. 

Zirje, house first row by the sea

A completely adapted stone house with a yard

If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet, finding a better place for that than Prvić Island will be quite a challenge, and the village called Prvić Luka has this wonderfully adapted stone house, just a few steps from the sea.

This beauty allows you to enjoy everything that makes the houses in Dalmatia so special, and every single one of the four floors is at your full disposal!

Not only that, but the ground floor is actually a wine cellar, whereas the fourth floor has incredibly charming little balconies from which you can enjoy a view that leaves you speechless. Ideal!  

A completely adapted stone house with a yard, Prvic

Stone house on the island of Zlarin

We’re back on Zlarin, this time to introduce you to a recently renovated stone house with two apartments, a beautiful garden, and its own spa zone!

Although it’s located in the center of the village, you can get to the sea in literally a minute, and the house also has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

An additional advantage is that the house comes with loyal customers who rent out rooms in it on a regular basis, so your investment can start paying off right away.  

Stone house on the island of Zlarin

Prvić Šepurine - beautiful stone house with a terrace and an auxiliary building

We have to visit Prvić again too, this time to check out the village of Prvić Šepurine which hides this slightly smaller beauty with a terrace and an auxiliary building.

At your disposal are two bedrooms, one of which is in the attic and has a balcony with an incredible view. There are also three bathrooms and a small garden here, and below the attic are two more storeys.

It’s an excellent example of traditional Dalmatian architecture, and buying this house provides you with an absolutely magical place to live. Do not miss out! 

Prvic Sepurine - beautiful stone house with a terrace and an auxiliary building

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