Vacation homes by the sea – yes or no?

Šime Unić
Vacation homes by the sea – yes or no?

If you don't have it, you must've thought at least once how nice it would be to own a vacation home by the sea.

However, buying such a piece of real estate is not something that should be done hastily – there are plenty of factors that can affect your final decision.

In order to make that process easier for you, in the rest of this text, we bring you some valuable advice that can help you find the house of your dreams.

Where to buy a vacation home by the sea?

First and foremost, you have to decide where on the Croatian coast you want to settle.

Istria and Dalmatia, for example, have plenty of houses on the seaside for sale, so the location will primarily be determined by your budget.

You can expect places like Dubrovnik, Hvar or Bol on Brač to have higher prices on average, whereas other, less popular locations (such as parts of Kvarner) can give you much more affordable offers.

Then there are weekend homes for sale that are on the seafront, which means that their price will be somewhat higher compared to properties slightly more inland.

There's also the option of buying a house by the sea that is in need of renovation. This means that you will also have to invest additional time and money before your new vacation home is ready to provide you with a long and comfortable stay.

However, houses like this will come at a much lower price.

Old house for renovation

Pros and cons of buying a vacation home

There is no doubt that vacation homes by the sea are something that can enrich your everyday life, especially during summer. You can go there in search of peace and quiet, far away from stressful city life.

The towns and villages of the Croatian coast are full of Mediterranean charm and you can really enjoy a relaxed atmosphere there in the scenery filled with old stone houses.

Not to mention that there's always a beach nearby.

On the other hand, we have to be realistic and say that vacation homes have some downsides, too: these are usually not the kind of houses in which you will permanently live, but they will nevertheless incur some expenses.

It is possible that you will want to adapt your vacation home as soon as you buy it, which also means you will need to make additional investments.

Still, vacation homes can be adapted to help you rent them out, which can be a very useful and easily accessible source of income. That way, your vacation home can work for you even while you're not in it.

5 advice for buying a house by the sea

As already mentioned, there are a lot of factors that can affect your purchase of a house on the seaside. Therefore, here are some tips on how to avoid most of the problems that can arise from that:

Always insist on the paperwork

Things like ownership or operational licenses have to be sorted out if you are to fully enjoy your new piece of real estate once you purchase it.

Make sure to check if the house in question is even registered as a house in the land registry, or you will have to do all the necessary paperwork after you buy it yourself.

Consider hiring an agent

All our agents are experienced professionals who can advise you when buying a vacation home on the coast.

Not only will they show you the property and point out things that are easy to look over, but they will do all the paperwork for you.

Many people are more than happy to pay an agent's fee if it saves them a lot of time and effort.

Define the purpose of your vacation home

What do you want from your vacation home? Will you rent it out?

In that case, you want to choose a location popular among tourists to make the most of the high demand for accommodation there.

Will it have a lot of people in it often?

Check the number of rooms.

Is that the place where you'd like to retire?

Make sure markets, hospitals and other necessary facilities are close by.

Cottage on the sea

Expect additional investments

A lot of vacation homes and houses by the sea for sale will require repairs or renovation because these are usually some very old (stone) houses and owners probably did not invest a lot in their maintenance. Keep that in mind when negotiating the price.

Is there a possibility to expand?

If you're planning to buy a vacation home and renovate it, it’s always good to see if you can expand the house, too.

An additional room can completely change the experience inside the object, and it will certainly come in handy if you're planning a bigger family.

Check out our selection of vacation homes by the sea!

Now it's time to take a look at the houses on the coast that are for sale at this very moment and have plenty of things going for them.

No matter if you're looking for something for the whole family, an apartment or a villa with a pool, the following few examples will offer some great solutions.

A nice family house in Rogoznica

Rogoznica is a wonderful place for a summer vacation that is also well connected to the rest of the country.

Not only can it be reached by the Adriatic highway, but Split Airport is fairly close, too.

Therefore, you can reach this family house quite easily, no matter where you're coming from and how, and if we add that the house is just 100 meters away from the beach and that it comes with a terrace on the first floor, you'll immediately see that this is a great opportunity.

Family house in Rogoznica for sale

Tisno, a house with a sea view

Tisno is a lovely little village next to Murter, just a few kilometers from towns like Vodice and Šibenik.

Therefore, you can enjoy the magic of a small Dalmatian place and be at the same time connected to larger centers, plus you are just one bridge away from the wonderful Murter.

This ground-floor house is exactly what you think when somebody mentions summer vacation because it has two covered terraces, one of which is 68 m2 big with a jaw-dropping view of the sea.

Tisno - house with sea view

A beautiful detached house 200m from the sea

This lovely property is located near Tribunj, just outside of Vodice. So, this is a part of the country in which tourism is quite developed.

However, given that you're outside of the town center, you will have plenty of peace and quiet and free access to the beach which is about two minutes away on foot.

An additional advantage is the vicinity of the Šibenik archipelago and Kornati National Park, which is a perfect destination for a day trip.

On top of all that, elements of traditional Dalmatian architecture only add to this house's seductive charm.

Tribunj - house 200m from the sea

Žaborić – a small villa with a pool for sale near Šibenik, close to the sea

Žaborić is a beautiful tourist place only a few kilometers south of Šibenik, and over the last few years, some wonderful vacation homes have been built here.

One of them is this marvelous villa with a pool which even comes with a berth for your boat and a lovely garden.

If you're not up for a swim in the pool, though, you can reach the beach in just a few minutes on foot, and Žaborić itself is ideal for a relaxing summer vacation.

In addition, it takes only half an hour by car to reach Split Airport.

Zaboric - villa with swimming pool

Murter – apartment house with a perfect view

Murter has been known as an incredible destination since ancient times, and numerous tourists enjoy it even today.

The vicinity of Šibenik is an additional advantage, but the main selling point of this house is its incredible view of the Kornati thanks to the fact that it's located on a hill. 

The property is also surrounded by greenery, located in a quiet part of the island and close to a sandy beach. An ideal combination for summer. 

Murter - house with sea view for sale

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