Why is the energy performance certificate important?

Šime Unić
Why is the energy performance certificate important?

If you’re interested in any kind of property, no matter if you’re looking to buy or sell them, you will eventually come across what is called the energy performance certificate. It is actually a very important document that shows the energy properties of the building in question to any interested party. Without it, purchasing any kind of property is simply not possible.

In fact, without this certificate, no object can even get its certificate of occupancy!

Therefore, if you’re looking to invest in a property, you simply have to at least know the basics of the energy performance certificate and what it shows you exactly, and this is the best place for that! Let’s get started!

What is an energy performance certificate?

As we have already said, an energy performance certificate is a document stating the energy properties of a building. In other words, it allows you to check how much heat your building is spending, and this depends on the quality of the windows installed, heating system, and perhaps most importantly - walls. A property’s exterior can play a crucial role here.

To a potential buyer, this certificate will show whether or not they will need to make additional investments such as buying a new central heating system or adding new insulation layers. This can have a major impact on the whole deal and can even be a good enough reason for one side to back out from the whole process.

It needs to be said that practically every apartment building or a private house today must have its own energy performance certificate, and for newly constructed buildings this is also one of the conditions that have to be met before a certificate of occupancy can be issued. Also, no purchase agreement can be signed without it, nor can a property be rented out or leased.

In short, no property where people are meant to live can be considered complete without its own energy performance certificate.

How to get an energy certificate?

An energy performance certificate can be issued by an authorized person, which is in most cases an engineer specializing in that particular field. The price depends on the size of the property for which the certificate is issued, so it’s not the same if you need an energy certificate for a small apartment, an apartment building or a house on the outskirts of a city because for each property certain reading will have to be made.

Generally speaking, however, in Croatia you can count on about 500 kunas for smaller and up to just above 1000 kunas for bigger apartments and houses. Exceptionally large properties, though, may require the price to be agreed upon separately. It’s also good to know that you can sometimes get better deals on websites that offer discounts for group purchases.

It should also be said that you can be fined in Croatia if you have a property without an energy performance certificate, and these can be as high as 150,000 kunas. So best stick to the laws and avoid a major financial problem.

Once an authorized person awards you your energy certificate, it will be valid for ten years, and after that, you will have to make a new one.

how to get an energy certificate

Energy ratings

You will often see a sticker on entrances to buildings in Croatia which energy ratings listed one above the other. These span from A+ to G, with the former being the highest and the latter being the lowest possible rating. On this sticker, the rating the building has will be clearly marked, and you can get a pretty clear picture of how efficient the building is just by looking at the color with which each rating is marked.

But what does your energy rating depend on? Simply, the amount of energy spent is measured in kWh (m2a), and the A+ rating is awarded to the objects that spend up to 15 kWh (m2a), whereas the lowest rating is reserved for the buildings that spend more than 250 kWh (m2a).

If you find yourself unpleasantly surprised by the rating your property gets, the energy performance certificate you get with it will suggest possible steps you can take to make sure your object is more efficient. That way, you can reach a better rating.

energy ratings

What can affect the energy rating of my property?

The energy rating awarded to your property can be affected by a variety of factors which is why the overall energy performance has to be assessed by an expert. Some of these factors include:

  • the building’s outer layer: what are the walls made of and how well are they insulated?
  • the quality of windows: what are they made of and what kind of glass do they have?
  • does the building have a cellar?
  • the way the floors and the ceilings are crafted (what kind of insulation was used and how much of it)
  • the heating system for the rooms and water
  • are any renewable energy sources used?
  • how old is the building?
  • which way is the building facing? Etc.

As you can see, assembling an energy performance certificate and awarding an appropriate energy rating to a property is not exactly a quick and simple job. Many things have to be checked, so expect to wait for your certificate for at least a few days, possibly even weeks, depending on how complex the wholse structure is.

Find a property that spends its energy efficiently!

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