Stone houses – everything you need to know

Šime Unić
Stone houses – everything you need to know

If there's one thing that we can say perfectly encapsulates life on Croatia's coast, it's the old stone houses you can find in pretty much any town or village there. Many of them are for sale and are used today as awesome vacation homes.

Should you ever want to find a stone house of your dreams, you'd do well to inform yourself on what to expect from such an object. In addition to old stone houses, Terra Dalmatica offers you a large selection of properties that you can see here.

That's why we're going to show you everything you need to know about stone houses in Croatia in the rest of this text.

Renovating a stone house

The first thing you need to know if you're looking for this type of property is that you will rarely find them in very good or excellent condition.

Therefore, you should expect some repairs will have to be made, often a complete renovation. This is something to keep in mind when deciding on how much you want to spend when buying a stone house in places like Dalmatia or Istria.

However, there are experts out there who specialize in renovating stone houses, so you can leave everything to professionals.

Still, the most common problem almost every stone house by the sea has is the walls' carrying capacity and roof leakage. Both problems can be solved with beams that are installed to make the whole building much firmer.

Of course, the foundations are the most important part of every construction and should always be checked. Once you're sure they meet the necessary requirements, you will have much more freedom in determining the house's look.

This leads us to the type of renovation you'd like to do. You see, you can renovate a house in accordance with the tradition and conduct only minor repairs, but you also can modernize it quite a lot, which will incur higher expenses.

It's also good to know that more luxurious stone houses are easier to renovate – rustical houses demand that this is done in the traditional way.

Adaptation of an old stone house

Stone house prices

Stone house prices can vary drastically, and that depends on a variety of factors, but you can expect the numbers to start in the neighborhood of 15000 euros.

An average buyer is willing to spend up to approximately 70,000 euros, and in this range, you can find a whole lot of interesting options.

Should you go for something more luxurious, of course, you will pay more, but the final price can be affected by the property's condition, location (seafront usually means higher prices), total surface area, etc.

As far as renovations go, you can expect to spend about 3000 kunas (about 400 euros) per square meter on average, but if you opt for a significantly more modern approach, the price is likely to go up.

Decorating old stone houses

Once you wrap up the deal and become the owner of your new house by the sea, the question that will inevitably arise is how to decorate it. Obviously, the Mediterranean style is what suits this region and its tradition the most.

If we're talking about the house's surroundings, this area should be unobtrusive and blend in seamlessly with the town or village you're in. It also shouldn't stand out from the house's exterior. Traditional plants like lavender or olive trees can help a lot with that.

As far as interior design is concerned, you should start with that only after you get confirmation from the experts that the walls and the foundations can take it.

Once you have that, start by filling out the cracks in the walls which should then be covered partially or completely by plaster from the inside. This is also the phase when you set up pipes and other similar elements.

After all that "rough" work is done, you can focus on the details. It's important to remember here that these houses have always had a soothing interior and rustic style, so these should be your core principles when coming up with your interior design, too.

Naturally, this does not mean modern elements cannot be used (quite the contrary!), but for the authentic experience, it's important to at least partially preserve the tradition.

In short, your interior should be bright, with neutral colors, and wooden floors are especially recommended if the house doesn't have one already.

A neat detail that will give your house something unique can probably be found in the town or the village in which the property is located. Something simple, affordable and specific to that part of the country. A wooden chair, a crate or a bench will give that splash of rustic style into the newly renovated interior.

Decorating an old stone house

Buying a stone house in Croatia? See what we have in our offer!

If you're interested in buying one of these beautiful houses, you've come to the right place! Our offer has plenty of interesting choices, and these are some of the most attractive ones. Enjoy!

A stone house in the historic center of the small fishing village of Zaton

Zaton is a picturesque fishing village approximately halfway between Šibenik and Prokljan Lake in which you can truly enjoy a peaceful summer.

And the best place for that is this gorgeous, completely furnished stone house which, along with the ground floor, has two more stories, with an amazing terrace at the top where you can enjoy wonderful summer evenings.

The ground floor has the dining room and the kitchen combined into a whole, whereas the upper floors have four bedrooms and bathrooms in total, which makes this house great for a bigger number of guests.

Small stone house in Zaton

Prvić Šepurine – a nice stone house with a terrace and an auxiliary object

The island of Prvić is in the Šibenik archipelago, and Šepurine is a small village there with loads of charm.

This old stone house is bound to have a lot of suitors because it is an L-shaped property that has a terrace with an amazing view and a 20 m2 garden.

The first floor and the attic have one bedroom and one bathroom each, whereas the ground floor contains the kitchen, the living room and the dining room.

A perfect choice for a quiet family vacation during summer.

Stone house with sea view - Prvic Sepurine

A wonderful stone house on the seafront in Tribunj

Tribunj is a lovely little place next to Vodice, and the chance you have here is not something you see every day.

You see, this is a house with a first floor and an attic right on the seafront, so you can be sure the view from your window when you open it in the morning will be spectacular.

The object is in need of renovation, but its location in the town's center is exceptional because you are literally a few steps away from all the most important places in Tribunj. Ideal!

Tribunj - Stone house first row to the sea

Betina, a stone house with a sea view

Betina is a small village on the wonderful Murter, some 20 kilometers north-west from Šibenik, and the house we offer here is likely to be the prettiest around.

Three stories and a terrace with an amazing view of the surrounding islands, plus four bedrooms and three bathrooms make this house tailor-made for a summer vacation.

It also needs to be said that the house has been carefully renovated with the help of conservation experts, and the end results is an object you will not be able to resist.

Stone house on the island of Murter

A lovely stone house in the old part of Šibenik

The city of Šibenik has been developing as a tourist center lately and has become a recognizable destination, and this stone house will show you why.

With two floors atop the one on the ground, surrounded by typical Dalmatian narrow streets, this object will allow you to immerse yourself into this old town completely.

Then there's the amazing view of the sea, but the whole package is something very much worth investing in. The renovation of this house offers plenty of opportunities, but one thing's for sure – once you're done, you will have a true gem in your hands.

Stone house in the old part of Sibenik

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