What do you need to know before buying a building plot?

Šime Unić
What do you need to know before buying a building plot?

You want to buy a building plot for your dream house? No problem! No matter what kind of land you’re looking for, you can get all the main info on it in just a few clicks. Being informed is vital if you want to make a good choice, and it can also help you define better the type of plot you’d like to buy.

Finding the right building plot for sale means that you will have to search for an ideal property a bit, but fortunately, the plots in Terra Dalmatica’s offer can be browsed easily and very quickly because our website will show you everything you need to know about your new piece of land. But what do you need to know when it comes to making this kind of purchase? If you don’t have a lot of experience in this, the following article has some useful advice every prospective buyer should keep in mind. So, let’s go!

What is a building plot?

First, we need to define the term “building plot”, just so we’re all on the same page here. The official definition in Croatia is given by the Physical Planning and Building Act which states that every building plot is a plot within a designated building area or a plot outside of such an area that belongs to a previously defined building land.

The building area is defined by the zoning plan of the municipality that controls that particular area, and each area can be designated for a different purpose. The possible purposes are also prescribed by law, and they include residential, business, sporting and other purposes.

How to find out if you can build on your plot?

The first thing you need to do before purchasing a plot is to check its status. If the plot is not a building plot, you will not be able to do any building on it.

You can check that in the land registry, which can be done online if the local government has invested enough effort in putting all the data on their website. If you can’t find the data you’re looking for online or simply don’t like doing that kind of thing via your computer, you can always go personally to the municipality’s authorities and ask to see the zoning plan.

how to find out if you can build on your plot

What affects a building plot’s price?

Obviously, not every building plot is the same, so the price won’t be the same everywhere, either. In fact, the price can depend on a variety of factors, chief of which is probably the location. You should also examine the infrastructure and make sure the ownership and all papers are in order.

Certainly, the most important elements of a building plot’s price deserve a closer look, just so you know what to expect and what to look out for when doing your search.


As mentioned before, the location will in most cases impact the price the most. For example, it’s not the same if you’re buying a piece of land in the middle of a big city or on the outskirts of a small town - the former will probably be much more expensive.

However, there are other elements that can make a plot quite attractive. Pieces of land right next to the sea, for example, are ideal for building vacation homes, and the location next to some special areas such as national parks are very rare and in high demand.

In order to pinpoint the location of your prospective new property, we recommend using Geoportal, the official website of Croatia’s National Geodetic Administration, where you can find out pretty much whatever you want to know on this topic.



We’ve mentioned infrastructure as an important element impacting a building plot’s price, too. This includes things such as electricity, sewage system, water and other utilities a house needs to have in order for you to enjoy your stay there.

If a plot does not have some of these things, the price should be significantly lower because bringing quality infrastructure to your plot can not only cost a pretty penny but can take some time, too. It’s not unheard of in Croatia for some plots to lack some of these utilities, so informing yourself about this is exceptionally important before making a purchase.

Land use

Land use, i.e. its purpose, is another element we’ve already mentioned, but it needs to be said that this doesn’t just define the type of object that can be built on a plot but a whole lot of other elements, too.

The most important ones include the surface area of the future object and the number of floors it can have, which is exceptionally important to investors looking to build apartment buildings. Land use will also define the roads and other infrastructure, which makes studying it very important because that way you will know what to expect to be built next to your property.

land use

Inform yourselves!

As you can see, the price of a building plot depends on a variety of factors. Every buyer should familiarize themselves with these factors, even if the price is not an issue. Simply put, the more you inform yourself, the better your understanding of the situation will be, and you will be able to plan what needs to be done on your plot more efficiently.

Terra Dalmatica’s website and agents are at your full disposal for every piece of information you may require, so please feel free to contact us if you need any advice. With our help, you can be sure you will find the perfect piece of land for you to enjoy!

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